Types of Sessions

  • Pre-Conference Workshops
    Pre-conference workshops are organized before the opening day of the congress, with special registration for announced sessions.

  • Early Morning Sessions
    EMS refers to “Early Morning Sessions” which is a tradition for the ISEE Annual Conferences. 60-min long session in form of panels.

  • Keynote Presentation - Plenary Session
    Sessions for the presentations of keynote speakers & the winner of the ISEE Goldsmith Award.
  • Symposia
    Symposia are 90-minute discussion sessions that bring together experts to delve into specific topics. These sessions involve interactive discussions with the audience.
  • Traditional Oral Sessions
    These 90-minute sessions feature presentations based on accepted abstracts. Each abstract presenter is allocated 12 minutes for their presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.

  • Virtual Only Oral Sessions
    These 90-minute online sessions, based on accepted abstracts, feature prerecorded presentations. Each presenter has a 12-minute presentation slot and a 3-minute discussion period. Presenters can participate in Q&A sequences during the session.

  • Poster Discussions (Moderated Posters)
    These discussion sessions focus on selected posters grouped by specific topics/subtopics. A brief (maximum 2 minutes) overview of each poster is provided before the discussion segment.

  • Free Posters
    Free posters will be displayed on poster boards, with each poster scheduled for one day of viewing. While there's no scheduled presentation and discussion time, presenters are encouraged to be available by their posters during coffee breaks for questions and discussions.
  • Pecha Kucha Session
    A recent tradition at ISEE Annual Conferences, Pecha Kucha presentations are rapid-fire, with each presenter given 5 minutes, including Q&A (12 slides - 20 seconds per slide, plus 1 minute Q&A time)
  • E-Posters
    E-posters are displayed in the gallery at all times, ordered by poster numbers assigned based on themes. Presenting your e-poster to the audience during the virtual meeting is not possible. However, each e-poster features a chat box function, allowing conference participants to ask questions about your e-poster.

    Regardless of in-person or virtual status, all poster abstracts accepted for ISEE 2023 will also be uploaded as e-posters, in addition to their original presentation medium.